Places To Visit In Koraput

Koraput: Exploring the Cultural and Natural Riches of Odisha

Nestled in the southern part of the Indian state of Odisha, Koraput is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of rich tribal culture, natural beauty, and a glimpse into the diverse heritage of the region. Here's why Koraput is considered one of the best places to visit in Odisha:

Tribal Culture

Koraput is a melting pot of various tribal communities, each with its own distinct culture and traditions. Travelers flock to Koraput to witness and engage with tribes like the Paraja, Kondh, Gadaba, and Mali, who have preserved their age-old customs and lifestyles.

Tribal Markets:

Experience the vibrant tribal markets where you can purchase traditional handicrafts, tribal jewelry, and unique textiles. The weekly markets are a hub of activity and a great place to immerse yourself in local culture.

Scenic Beauty:

Surrounded by lush green forests, hills, and serene valleys, Koraput offers a picturesque landscape. The Deomali Hills, the highest peak in Odisha, is a popular trekking spot that rewards hikers with panoramic views.


The region boasts several stunning waterfalls, including the Duduma Waterfall and the Bagra Waterfall. These natural wonders are ideal for picnics and are a great way to connect with nature.

Jeypore Palace:

Explore the historic Jeypore Palace, a symbol of the region's royal heritage. The palace showcases exquisite architecture and houses a museum that provides insights into the history of the area.

Lingaraja Temple:

This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a significant pilgrimage site. Its architecture and spiritual significance make it a must-visit.

Local Cuisine:

Sample traditional Odia cuisine with a tribal twist in Koraput. Delight in dishes like Dalma, Sanna Pitha, and a variety of tribal specialties prepared with local ingredients and flavors.

Kolab Reservoir:

Enjoy a tranquil boat ride on the Kolab Reservoir, surrounded by lush forests and hills. It's a great spot for birdwatching and unwinding amidst nature.

Nature Trails:

Explore the numerous nature trails that crisscross the region. These trails offer opportunities to spot wildlife, including various bird species and exotic flora.

Why Travelers Flock to Koraput:

Koraput beckons travelers seeking an offbeat and culturally enriching experience. It's a place where you can witness the vibrant traditions of indigenous tribes, immerse yourself in nature's beauty, and explore the historical and architectural gems of the region. Travelers come to Koraput for a genuine and authentic encounter with Odisha's tribal heritage.

Koraput is a destination that offers a deep dive into the heart of Odisha's tribal culture and natural splendor. It's a place where ancient traditions meet modern aspirations, providing a memorable and eye-opening experience for every traveler who ventures into its picturesque landscape.